Tulane community celebrates in the DRC

For years now, Tulane public health alumni across the globe have referred to themselves as the “Tulane mafia,” since no matter where they go, Tulane alumni and faculty seem to be there. Unlike other mafias, however, this one is all about improving health – a mafia for good!


Several members of one branch of the Tulane mafia recently reconnected in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Dr. Jane Bertrand, Neal A. and Mary Vanselow Endowed Chair and professor of Global Health Management and Policy (GHMP), leads a strong team in Kinshasa working on family planning in the region and served as a central focus for the gathering of like-minded students, faculty, and alumni.

The gathering included:

  • Talubezie (“Talu”) Kasongo, (MSPH TRMD ’13)
  • Annie Glover (doctoral candidate, GHMP)
  • Saleh Babazadeh, (doctoral candidate, GHMP)
  • Dr. Julie Hernandez (research assistant professor, GHMP)
  • Dr. Bill Bertrand (professor, Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences)
  • Dr. Jane Bertrand (professor, GHMP)
  • Daisy Duru-Iheoma (MPH GCHB ’12)
  • Sarah Bellotti (MSW ’13 – DRLA program)


—Dee Boling


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