Welcome to The Tidewater Buzz

What’s all the buzz about?

Whatever it is, we hope this is where you’ll find it. Tidewater Buzz is a blog that will give prospective students and others interested in SPHTM a feel for what it’s like to be a student at the oldest school of public health in the country.

You’ll hear from current students, graduates, and other members of our community about the kinds of things that don’t always fall neatly into Admissions or Academics categories on a website.

For instance, this fall we plan to launch a recurring theme about neighborhoods. You’ll hear from students themselves about where they live and why they like it. We’ll also introduce you to some favorite New Orleans traditions and other aspects of life here that make life here like nowhere else on earth.

We’ll also give you a glimpse into life as a student. What’s a typical day like? What kinds of jobs are available on campus? How do you find a practicum? How welcoming is the school to international students?

Oh, and what’s with the name? Tidewater is the name of the building SPHTM calls home. It’s a 26-story office building located on Canal Street not far from the French Quarter, and was donated to Tulane University by Tidewater Marine in 1993. We like to call it our “vertical campus.”

Canal streetcar_7644_pbc_2-hpr_revised01182017We hope that as you get the buzz, you’ll come to love SPHTM and New Orleans as much as we all do. Read on and enjoy!

—Dee Boling

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